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Ax + Apple

2011/12/07 Updated

1. Ax + Apple “Hourglass” Brass Charm and Chain Pendant Necklace $48

Ax + Apple “Hourglass” Brass Charm and Chain Pendant Necklace $48 (Was $80), you save 40%.

The Ax + Apple “Hourglass” Brass Charm Necklace gives an old timepiece a stylish new purpose. The necklace features a 2-inch hourglass with a cylindrical casing around sand-filled glass. The 36-inch brass-metal chain features a unique construction that alternates between sets of smaller rings and lengthier ones. The hourglass is attached on one end by a small brass ring. It won’t tell time but it will add a creative and stylish accent to loose tops and other necklaces.

  • Miniature brass hourglass and sand timer hangs from a mix of brass chain
  • A gold plated watch fob clasp connects chain segments for added detail
  • A statement piece that is sure to also be a conversation piece
  • Made in United States

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